Ten per cent of caravanners admit towing with a passenger in caravan

Towing with a passenger in a caravan

Ten per cent of caravan owners have carried a passenger in their tourer while it’s being towed, new survey findings suggest.

The study of 508 caravan owners, by Ripe Insurance, saw one in 10 admit to towing with a child in their tourer, with 12% doing so with an adult.

The survey also highlighted that there was a knowledge gap for caravanners, with only 23 per cent aware that towing with an adult in the tourer was illegal.

Just 11 per cent knew that carrying a child when towing could result in a fine.

NEED TO KNOW: Carrying a passenger in a caravan while it’s being towed could result in a £2,500 fine, three points or a driving ban.

The extra weight of a passenger has a destabilising effect on the tourer, making accidents more likely to occur.

John Woosey, Founder of Ripe Caravan Insurance, commented: “While it may be tempting to let passengers ride in your caravan while towing it on the road, it’s important to remember that caravans are not designed to be crash-proof, so the person is likely to suffer serious injury in the event of a collision.

“Aside from the safety implications, a possible fine of £2,500, points and a driving ban is certainly not worth running the risk. We strongly advise all caravanners to read up on the regulations before hitting the road, to avoid potentially ruining a well-deserved trip away.”

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