XBus electric campervan ready for market mid-2025

XBUS Camper

Electric vehicle manufacture, Electric Brands has said its modular XBus electric campervan will be ready for market by mid-2025.

The base vehicle is available in a wide range of variants, from a basic van to a tipper and also a campervan and, what’s more, the modules can be changed over from one variant to another without special tools.

Revealed in July 2021, the XBUS’s modular and innovative design quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts.

Around 17,000 pre-orders have already been taken across Europe, with the majority in its campervan form.

The Electric Brands XBus campervan is available in two variants: standard and off-road.

Both come with all-wheel drive, pop-top roof, slide-out extension at the rear, portable coolbox, TV, portable single-burner hob, fresh water container, sink, seat that converts to a bed and solar panels on the roof.

In addition, the off-road version comes with chunky trim, off-road tyres and about 4-6cm more ground clearance.

Both come with a 15kWh battery as standard, offering a 124-mile range, but an optional extra 30kWh battery pack will take this up to around 370 miles.

The batteries can be recharged by normal means, or by the solar panels on the roof, offering about 6-8kWh.

They have also been designed to allow them to be swapped out at exchange stations, although the company is yet to establish a network for this.

The motor itself offers 1,000Nm of torque.

At just 3.95m long, by 1.69m wide and 1.93m tall, it’s a small vehicle.

Inside, the kitchen unit has storage and can be moved to various positions on the bulkhead.

A pop-top roof provides standing area above the bench seat, which doubles as the bed.

This bed is around 2.1m long thanks to the slide-out bed mechanism, with production models set to get a width of 1.6m.

Prices start from £29,727.73 for the standard version and £31,946.22 for the off-road model.

Final prices for the extra battery packs are expected to be around £1,700.

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Andy Grisswell March 1, 2024 at 8:37 am

Like all other EVs it’s doomed to failure, as I’ve being saying for over 50 years, Hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

Brian Kingsnorth March 1, 2024 at 12:55 pm

The van is as ugly as hell, looks like a child of 5 designed it using Lego bricks, had to check its not April the first!


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