Check insurance before driving abroad or risk £10,000, experts warn

Campervan and motorhome drivers have been urged to “carefully” check the small print when on the road or risk a £10,000 insurance charge.

Owners need to ensure their vehicle has significant insurance cover to allow them to drive in the European Union.

Dan Dawson, underwriting manager at Ripe Motorhome Insurance, said: “For motorhome and campervan owners, confusion around this particular policy detail is all too common – and it can be financially devastating in the event of an accident.

“Many of us will be excited to take a well-earned break this year but discovering that your policy doesn’t adequately cover you for damage can be very upsetting.”

“We would therefore urge all motorhome and campervan owners to carefully check the small print of their documents or reach out to their provider for clarity.”

Caravan Club said: “It must always provide cover for your legal liability towards third parties, so you’re covered if you have an accident causing damage or injury to any other person, vehicle, animal or property.

“Third-party insurance is a minimum legal requirement if you have a motorhome that is being stored or used on the road.”

You need to display a UK sticker on the back of your motorhome or campervan when travelling through Europe.

And on your trailer if you’re towing one.

For most of the EU you don’t need a separate UK sticker if your number plate already includes the UK identifier on its own or with the Union flag.

All motorhomes and caravans (not combined with towing vehicle) with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must have a sticker showing the position of the blind spots, too.

These must be visible on the sides and at the rear of the vehicle if you’re driving on the continent. These regulations have been in force since 1 January 2021.

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