Get involved and reach a fast-growing audience of engaged UK campervan, motorhome and caravan owners – we have something to suit all budgets!

The wonders of Van Life are being discovered by an increasing number of adventure-seeking individuals, couples, families and friends.

Ex-work vans are being completely transformed into dream dwellings on wheels, retro camper vans lovingly restored and recommissioned and sales of luxury motorhomes and caravans are booming.

It’s a beautifully varied community of all ages and backgrounds. Be they full-time Van Lifers or part-time tourers, the one thing they all have in common is a pure passion for adventure and exploration.

Fuelling that passion is Van Life Matters. Today’s digital world is awash with fragmented and often unsubstituted information and claims, served through a myriad of portals, feeds and social media groups.

Van life Matters is cutting through the noise with a journalistic focus on the needs and wants of UK Van Lifers, inspiring plans for the next big road trip.

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