Locals blast ‘selfish’ motorhome for parking outside public toilets overnight

Romantic breaks in Scotland

Locals living on the NC500 have blasted a “selfish” motorhome driver after parking overnight in front of a public toilet block.

Furious residents in Tounge, Sutherland, were unimpressed after the driver parked up for the night directly outside a block of public toilets on Monday.

They pointed out that there was a campsite nearby that the driver could have parked at overnight instead.

The motorhome appeared to have stopped in a lay-by which allowed for short-term parking.

A large blue parking sign was spotted sitting in front of the massive vehicle after it had pulled up.

As a result, some people pointed out that it was a legitimate place to park and the driver had not done anything wrong.

The dispute unfolded after a photo of the motorhome was shared in the Facebook group NC500 The Land Weeps.

It was captioned: “Last night, parked outside toilet block in Tongue (one of the few blocks open in Sutherland) one minute from a beautiful campsite…curtains drawn and tucked up for the night”.

Users quickly flocked to the comments to hit out at the driver, with one person saying: “The vehicle looks as if it’s obstructing the footpath which will make it difficult for wheelchair users to access the path to the toilets.”

Another added: “It’s a very small pull-in for those caught short on the NC500. It also has disabled access. The spot is on a sharp junction and next to the entrance to the hotel there.

“Basically it is a tight bend in the middle of the road. For me the main objection would be the selfishness of the act… There is only room for one or two vehicles, no other parking nearby, so if you have kids who need to go quickly, or are on your way to work a distance away such as a vet or farrier the toilet parking has been removed.”

While a third chimed in: “Overnight parking in a small spot that is regularly needed by visitors, tourists, workers and local folks alike takes away access for all.”

However, others were quick to defend the driver and pointed out that there are no signs that ban overnight parking on the lay-by.

A user questioned: “Parked legally on a lay-by with a clear parking sign? Perhaps someone could let us know what the issue is please.”

While someone else wrote: “I’m just struggling to see what law has been broken. I don’t see no ‘no overnight camping’ signs”

Responding to the comments, a local wrote: “It’s not always about the law. Sometimes if you have half an ounce of sense, decency and respect you just don’t do stuff”.

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katey jane andrews May 20, 2024 at 8:56 am

No matter where you park, you will be hated due to the van hate and that age old thing of people don’t want others around their area. What i see living in a motorhome is issues from everyone. utter mayhem. People in this country are selfish and have no respect for each other and the countryside.

Its becoming laughable

Kenny Berry May 20, 2024 at 10:45 am

I have been a motor cyclist for a number of years and a recent camper van owner. I enjoy both very much for obviously two different reasons.
I have experienced both the good and bad from both communities. Its unfortunate but you will always find selfish people that spoil it for everyone else. Common sense, blinkered approach, nobody matters but me will always be around.

G.Lazenby May 20, 2024 at 6:11 pm

unfortunately the Scottish Highlands by their very nature offer few possibilities for wild camping nowadays due mainly to the overwhelming sheer numbers of motorhomes and campervans now on the road. The very reason for visiting this area is to soak in the remoteness and the solitude that few other places in the UK can offer. unfortunately this adventure is completely and totally ruined and you might as well book into Disney land.


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