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Height restriction barriers at Porth Trecastell beach car park installed

A new height-restriction barrier to stop motorhomes and campervans from entering a beach car park at Porth Trecastell (Cable Bay) on Anglesey’s western coast has been installed.

It follows complaints from residents who claim campervans had been clogging up the car park for days on end.

The installation of the barrier has reignited a long-standing debate over motorhome parking on the island.

Gates and height barriers have sprung up near Anglesey beaches such as Cemlyn and Cymyran.

Some fear parking restrictions and charges are depriving locals of access to beaches they have enjoyed for generations and may negatively impact local tourism.

Surfers, kayakers and local van owners have all voiced concern they will no longer be able to reach places like Porth Trecastell.

Two 2.5m-high metal frames were recently installed at Porth Trecastell.

Each has height barriers which swing out to cover the new eight-metre wide entrance to the car park.

The metal frames both contain gates. One will give access to “seasonal trade vehicles” within a fenced area.

The other will enable emergency services and refuse collection vehicles unable to fit under the height barrier.

Gates have also been provided for pedestrian and cyclists.

Pay-by-phone parking will also be in operation at Porth Tyn Towyn a little further up the coast.

Both sites are owned by the Bodorgan Estate, which said it brought in height barriers at Porth Trecastell to control access and improve vehicle safety.

The enforcement is expected to start in April.

Image: Wendy Challis-Jones

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Ian February 11, 2024 at 9:29 am

I love Wales and even lived in Wales in my passed but for a country who need tourism they are truly going out of their way to spoil it Hight restrictions in the name o safety, 20 MPH in the name of safety, what next non Welsh speaker,s in the name of safety, and I will add the DUB TRAILS EVENT on Anglesey CANCELLED due to low bookings

Steven Spencer February 11, 2024 at 7:35 pm

the Welsh authorities do themselves no favours, they are trying their best to stop people visiting and adding to the local economy.
This has been going on for years but it’s now getting worse, I for one will never return to Wales while they continue to penalise visitors, and that is a shame as Wales is a beautiful place with spectacular scenery.

katey jane andrews February 16, 2024 at 8:04 am

Locals? so they are too lazy to walk a mile to walk their dogs? who shit all over the beach lol.

I’ve never seen a country so hell bent on greed and stupidity, You see on the news towns are dying, no money, shops closing due to low foot fall and stop people from visiting haha, I truly backward thinking country.

You will soon be not allowed to breath in the is country, Why not just stick 30 feet walls up around each town, each village and city and inclose ourselves and call them HMP.

Will it stop overnight car campers and piss heads from parking on those beaches? noo is the answer.

That’s discrimination if you want to visit for the day in a van, 100% and why has no one looked into it?


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