Hobby introduces new Excellent and Excellent Edition caravans

Hobby Excellent Edition interior

Hobby has unveiled its mid-range 2024 Excellent and Excellent Edition caravan models.

The Hobby Excellent offers five different layouts with widths of between 2.30 and 2.50m.

For those who with a preference for a spacious bathroom, for example, the Hobby Excellent 495 WFB, Excellent 540 WFU and Excellent 560 WFU models all have a large rear washroom that spans the entire width of the vehicle.

The compact Excellent 460 SL, meanwhile, features a rear kitchen and single beds.

With up to four berths, some layouts even have enough room for the grandchildren or guests to tag along.

Thanks to its large corner kitchen and couch seating area, there is plenty of room in the Excellent 560 FC for people to cook and eat meals together, and enjoy games evenings.

For the 2024 season, the living area in the Excellent has been given a fresh, elegant revamp with white high-gloss wall units, illuminated designer shelves and indirect strip lighting.

The exterior design has also been updated for the new season.

Hobby Excellent Edition

Despite the similar names, all of the models are completely separate model ranges.

The Hobby Excellent Edition, for example, is primarily aimed at families and couples who love minimalist design and want an open feel without sacrificing on storage space.

Featuring a large island bed, you’re guaranteed a great night’s sleep in the Excellent Edition 540 UFf.

Slightly modified wall units and a light-coloured upholstery combination will ensure the habitation area looks even brighter and more airy in the 2024 season.

Four of the ten layouts are aimed at families with young and older children.

The Excellent Edition 650 KMFe even has a children’s room with its own seating area and table.

Like the Excellent, the Excellent Edition will also feature a revamped exterior design for the 2024 season.

Flowing lines and a harmonious overall appearance are the things that Hobby has focused on.

The chrome-plated manoeuvring handles, aerodynamic front section and new, stylish rear lights are just some of the eye-catching features.

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