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Self‐healing caravans go into series production, Knaus Tabbert announces

Knaus Tabbert, a manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe, has presented the industry’s first full‐scale caravan model with “self‐healing” Fibre Frame technology at its 2022 dealer convention.

The pioneering frame technology is based on Fibre Frame parts that are automatically bonded together to form a stable frame, thus eliminating the need for screw connections.

The frame, which is self‐supporting and high‐strength, ensures the best stability and durability as well as significantly greater flexibility in floor plan and room design compared to the conventional method of building caravans.

Werner Vaterl, COO of Knaus Tabbert said: “The use of frame construction opens up numerous possibilities for us in the future.

“The technology contributes to greater stability and durability and thus also to greater value stability and sustainability of the vehicles.

“At the same time, the demands on precision are extremely high.

“Following our claim as innovation leader in the industry, we have mastered this challenge and can now transfer it to series production.“

At the end of a long vehicle life, the frame design offers advantages as the materials can be separated more easily and thus recycled.

Knaus Tabbert is now bringing self‐healing caravans into series production for the first time.

The first model of the new premium series of the KNAUS brand with this technology bears the name AZUR.

Its frame consists of 22 fibre frame parts bonded together by a robot. In addition to the manufacturing technology, it is characterised by a UV‐resistant and “self‐healing“ surface.

Pressure marks and dents can disappear all by themselves through the effect of heat alone.

Electric cars for towing caravans are being forgotten in “rush to go electric”

The frame construction allows a very flexible interior concept and the integration of new, innovative equipment.

The new AZUR combines functionality, cosiness and innovative technologies.

In addition to a circumferential awning rail integrated into the surface, contour lighting in the sidewall, the caravan also has its own lighting concept for the interior, among other things.

Similar to the KNAUS motorhomes, the furniture is set at an angle, resulting in a greater sense of space, optimised visual axes and a larger lying area.

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