Major overhaul announced for 2023 Hymer campervans

Hymer Yellowstone interior

Hymer is “fundamentally revising” its Fiat-based campervan range for 2023, it has announced.

It comes as the manufacturer seeks to meet changing demands as a new, younger target group discover the joys of camping.

Hymer’s popular Ayers Rock, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone models are set for a new overhaul.

With the sole exception of the Hymer Yellowstone, which now has a swivel bathroom instead of the former compact design, the vehicles will retain their usual layouts.

Sales of the new models are planned to commence in spring 2023 throughout Europe.

Christian Bauer, President of Hymer said: ”The overhaul of our camper vans incorporates insights and individual elements from the successful Vision Venture concept vehicle, which we used back in 2019 to demonstrate what motorhoming might look like in the near future,.

“With these innovations, Hymer is once again blazing a trail as the industry’s innovation driver, and setting new standards where interior design, lighting, digitalisation, self-sufficiency and sleeping comfort are concerned.”

What’s changing?

One of the highlights of the 2023 Hymer campervans is a brand-new interior design featuring two different style collections.

The use of natural-looking surface finishes, fabrics and wall coverings has had a major influence here. As a result, real materials are used, such as cork, ceramics and solid-surface materials.

A premium, thermally-insulating and sound-absorbing felt lining in the rear area helps to improve insulation and the circulation of hot air.

Together with a multifunctional, wood-effect wall, it also gives extra emphasis to the new focus on the ‘van life’ character of the ambience.

The new features also include the first complete four-level lighting concept in a camper van, which helps to make the interior of the vehicle feel even more cosy.

All of the lights come with a warm/cold white feature and dimming function and provide ambient lighting throughout the living and kitchen areas.

This is also the first time that touch-operated reading lights have been installed above the driver and passenger seats.

End customers also have the option to select a lighting pack that includes an innovative pendant lamp and modular lights for the rail on the multifunctional wall.

Aside from updates to the appearance, the new campervan model ranges include a skylight that’s installed in the cab (Skyview).

This can be combined with or without a pop-top roof and can be installed in all Fiat layouts, regardless of the roof type selected.

The Skyview without pop-top roof option improves the flow of air over the rooflight by means of a moulded part, thereby reducing wind noise.

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Hymer Connect app

Another highlight is the integration of the Hymer Connect app in camper vans for the first time.

The smart ecosystem combines the controls for numerous vehicle components with the display of vehicle information in a single digital platform.

It displays the filling levels of the fresh water and grey water tanks as well as the number of miles driven, for example, while the on-board heater can be switched on or off, and the interior lighting can be controlled using different lighting scenarios.

It is easy and intuitive to operate using a smartphone and means that the camper vans are finally ready for the future of motorhoming.

Hymer’s Fiat-based campervans will also be fitted with a lithium battery and comfort sleeping system, as well as a travel lounge seating area with tilt adjustment.

The innovative Lattoflex comfort sleeping system is based on a flexible mattress with integrated disc springs, offering the highest standards of sleeping comfort in the camper van segment.

An optional self-sufficiency package including up to 240 Ah lithium battery capacity, 2 x 95 W solar installation and inverter will make you even more independent on your travels.

In the redesigned rear area of the vehicle, valuable storage space has now been gained by installing the fresh water tank underneath the vehicle.

The new under-floor tank is insulated and heated as standard and, together with the battery tray underneath the rear of the vehicle, ensures optimum weight distribution as well as improved driving dynamics.

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