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Permit changes for caravans, campervans and motorhomes visiting Jersey


Visitors to Jersey planning a stay of 31 days or fewer no longer need to obtain a permit for their caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

The new legislation means that permission will be granted automatically, simplifying the process for tourists and eliminating unnecessary administrative hurdles.

It comes as a significant change to planning laws for those visiting the island in a leisure vehicle comes into force today (31 May, 2023).

Jersey’s environment minister deputy Jonathan Renouf described the previsous system as “overly burdensome” for people who just want to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

With the updated permit laws, the government aims to ensure that tourists do not get entangled in unnecessary red tape, allowing them to focus on making the most of their stay on the Channel Island.

While the need for permits has been removed for short-term visitors, some criteria remain in place.

These include regulations concerning the size of vehicles, overnight parking locations and the maximum duration of the stay without a permit.

Those planning to stay in Jersey with their vehicle for longer than 31 days will still need to apply for permission.

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