Dog rescued from campervan after being locked inside for three days

A dog has been rescued from a campervan in Manchester after reportedly being locked inside for three days, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Police smashed a cab window of retrieve the labrador after being called to the scene on Sunday.

The rescue, which took place at around 1.15pm, came as temperatures in the city reached 22C, putting the animal at risk of heat stroke.

Reports suggest there were no windows open and no people seen near the van for a number of days.

The dog is now being cared for at an animal rescue centre as attempts are now being made to trace the animal’s owner, local media has reported.

Chief Inspector of Neighbourhoods in CoM Central Chris Boyd, said: “It is just not acceptable to allow a dog to be in a vehicle on their own for even a couple of hours, let alone three days.

“When we found him, there were no open windows and, with it being quite warm today, this could have ended up a disaster.

“Dogs don’t respond to the heat like humans do and as such, this lovely dog could have overheated.

“Even leaving a window open or a bowl of water is not good enough.

“Just don’t leave your dog on its own in a vehicle.

“If you are planning on being away from your vehicle, then don’t take the risk and leave your dog at home.”

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