Hobby Beach Air: A caravan designed for electric vehicles

Hobby Beach Air caravan

The Hobby Beach Air has been unveiled as a caravan prototype designed specifically to be towed by an electric vehicle at the Caravan Salon 2022 in Düsseldorf.

Thanks to the low weight of the Hobby Beachy Air caravan, it is not only possible to significantly increase the range for travel, but also the spectrum of vehicles that can tow the caravan.

The lightweight caravan is made feasible by its innovative monocoque construction and various lightweight components.

Hobby managing director, Bernd Löher said: “The Beachy Air showcases cutting-edge technology with a focus on lightweight construction and functionality”, said

“We wanted to achieve an unladen weight of less than 500 kg in order to develop the perfect caravan for the age of electric mobility.

“And what could be more fitting than the logical continuation of the BEACHY idea, namely to build simple, clever and stylish vehicles in a beach house look.”

With a body length of around 3.5 metres and an overall height of 2 metres, the Beachy Air caravan looks quite compact at first.

A pop-up roof makes it possible to increase the height to 2.15 metres.

The removable kitchen unit takes flexibility to the next level – especially when the weather is nice and everything can be easily relocated outdoors.

The convenient folding high desk can also be used as an additional work surface for the kitchen or provide office space for working on the go.

Thanks to its modular build, the Hobby Beachy Air concept provides a generous sense of space in a very small area.

In just a few simple steps, the L-shaped lounge seating area can be converted into a bed measuring 2 x 1.40 metres.

A cold foam mattress topper that also serves as a backrest ensures a perfect night’s sleep.

Crafted to make the most of lightweight construction, the furniture design features bright and natural colours for that authentic BEACHY feeling.

Hobby has not yet announced when and in what form the concept will enter serial production.

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