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Don’t plan “too much”, Brit Stops advises first timers

Staycations are set to continue this summer, with many opting for a campervan or motorhome holiday for the first time this year.

Increasing costs and red-tape is continuing to fuel the UK’s growing love for campervan and motorhome holidays in the UK, Brit Stops says.

Tom Clark from Brit Stops said: “I think people in the UK are planning more domestic trips with motorhomes for a number of reasons.

“Brexit has played a part in holidays becoming more expensive and inconvenient to go somewhere like Germany or France.

“I think the other factor is the cost of flights and the cost of living.

“Domestic holidays in a motorhome are cheaper than flying off around the globe somewhere.”

Advising first-timers, Tom suggests they shouldn’t “plan too much”.

Rather, “get on the road with a few places in mind”, talk to locals, go to rural pubs, and see what people in the area recommend.

Brit Stops is a motorhome and campervan network of more than 1,100 overnight stopovers across the UK, for free.

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