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Wildworx Customs: Campervan conversions capable of going off the beaten track

Wildworx Customs HQ

Wild camping can mean different things to different people but for the wildest of wild campers, Wildworx Customs has been busy establishing itself as the go-to choice for the ultimate adventure-ready vehicle.

Built as ‘tools to explore the world’, more than 500 Wildworx campervans have been produced since 2019 when Katie and husband, Frazer Johnson, first embarked on a mission to help customers realise their once-in-a-lifetime travel ambitions.

Speaking exclusively to Van Life Matters, Katie said: “We wanted to create a business to share our love of traveling, to handcraft expedition vehicles with full off-road capabilities.

“Over the years we’ve helped people who have sold their home, and are heading off to Europe in their camper with no real plan, families who have been through rough times and are using the camper to bring a bit of happiness back into their lives, and families that have sold all of their possessions in favour of a life of adventure.”

Wildworx conversions can vary from “small tweaks” to the complete transformation of a standard panel van into an off-grid campervan that’s capable of going the distance.

The handcrafted, National Caravan Council (NCC) compliant conversions are designed and built at the Wildworx production facility in Warwickshire by a small but growing team of professionals, each a specialist in their own department.

Wildworx Swamper conversion

Characterised by their chunky all-terrain tyres and greater ground clearance, the Volkswagen Swamper is an increasingly popular look, particularly on Volkswagen Transporter campers.

For Wildworx though, it’s more than just a look.

Wildworx Swamper conversions start life as a 4motion Transporter and are raised with a Seikel Desert lift kit for between 30-60mm more ground clearance, while BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres give the rugged Swamper alloys the go-anywhere capabilities they warrant.

Chassis and underslung tank protection offers peace-of-mind when roads get rocky and, naturally, they’re also kitted out with the necessary Lazer Lamps lighting, solar panels, Karitek roof rack system, wheel arch covers, side bars, snorkel and mud flaps.

Wildworx Overlander conversion

If you’re planning a cross-country expedition to Africa though, you’ll want a Wildworx Overlander conversion.

Expertly modified for the most serious adventurers, Wildworx Overlanders really are for the hardcore.

These bespoke, self-sufficient, thrill-seeking vehicles are equipped with everything you could possibly need for go-anywhere exploration.

Katie explains: “In terms of Overlander mods lifted suspension is something that gets requested frequently.

“We use the Eibach for the Transporters, which also reinforces the springs.

“Protection is important, this usually includes side bars, wheel arch covers, underbody covers and diff guards.

“Lighting upgrades are becoming increasingly popular, we’ve been working a lot with Lazer Lamps.

“Power is the probably most important thing for Overlanders, they need to be able to trust their system when on an expedition.

“Bringing their solar, batteries, fridge and cooking facilities together in a bespoke system is something our team is brilliant at.”

Quality campervan conversions

It’s the quality and attention to detail to that has seen Wildworx customers return for their second, and even third, Wildworx campervan.

“We’ve got one customer booked in for a conversion that’ll allow him to get as far away from civilisation as possible – he’ll be going off-grid, way up north,” Katie tells us.

“Another customer left the workshop just last week with his stunning new Overlander, he’s going to be driving it to Australia over the next couple of years.

“The common theme among all of our customers, be it weekend adventurers or full-time, overland explorers, is that they want an off-road campervan that doesn’t just look the part.

“They need to know the vehicle can handle tough terrain and that the fridge is going to keep working.”

Recommended base van for conversion

When it comes to choosing a base vehicle, Wildworx isn’t shy in recommending a Volkswagen T6.1 Highline 2.0 150bhp, complete with a tailgate and factory swivel captains chairs.

Following extensive research and development, Katie says it’s the perfect starting point.

For Wildworx Swamper models, a 200bhp and 4motion DSG upgrade provides the obligatory enhanced power and four-wheel drive capabilities.

“We have fine-tuned the specification we favour over the years,” Katie explains.

“If you’re planning wild camping expeditions and big overland trips, you’re going to need plenty of engine power and full off-road capabilities.

“It’s essential that our conversions don’t just look the part.”

Prices for a campervan conversion vary greatly, depending on the specification, but can cost anywhere between £15,000 – £35,000.

With a limited number of build slots available and stocked, adventure-ready conversions being snapped-up quickly, prospective customers are advised to “book early” to avoid disappointment.

Contact Wildworx on 01789 700 029 or email for further information.

Meet the couple behind Wildworx

Having built big screen props for film productions, including that of the Harry Potter franchise, and unimpressed with the campervans available at the time, Frazer started his first conversion build as an enthusiastic DIYer before a passion for creating beautifully capable leisure vehicles saw him spend the following 13 years refining the conversion process and professionalising his work inline with NCC standards. Katie’s love for campervans was founded while working for a hire company in Scotland, where she helped thousands of people explore the Highlands in various leisure vehicles. It was during this time that realised a growing demand for a proper off-grid, off-road campervan capable of the longest and most gruelling overland trips. Today’s Wildworx conversions are inspired by years of exploration and built with an allegiance to quality materials and reliable equipment.

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