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Two dead after overtaking supercars flip motorhome

Two tourists burnt to death in Italy after a Ferrari and a Lamborghini collided and clipped a motorhome, causing it to flip.

The two supercars both tried to overtake at the same time before crashing and flipping the motorhome over on a country road in Sardinia, Italy.

A pair of Swiss tourists who were in the Ferrari were killed as the wreckage burst into flames.

Melissa Krautli, 63, and Markus Krautli, 67, were named as the unfortunate victims.

Video from a driver behind the tragic incident on October 2, shows the full crash as it happens.

In the minute long clip, a blue Lamborghini tries to overtake a big white camper van by going into the opposite lane.

A red Ferrari then speeds alongside the moving Lambo and the pair touch, sending them flying towards the motorhome.

The Ferrari veers off in front of the motorhome and can’t be seen in the video, but according to local media it caught fire, trapping the couple inside.

As the cars collide the woman in the video can be heard screaming before the daunting sound of the nasty impact can be heard.

The Lamborghini ends up down a ditch but the pair inside can be seen moving at the end of the footage telling the cars around them they are okay.

A couple from Selva di Val Gardena, aged 61 and 62, who were in the motorhome were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries alongside the Lamborghini pair.

The remains of the three vehicles have been taken in by local authorities as they continue to investigate the incident.

It happened on a Sardinian road in Italy during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, where luxury cars drive from Teulada to Olbia and show off the expensive beauties.

Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that the couple were leaving Forte Village and heading towards Mores.

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