Police seize caravan from holiday makers mid-lunch

Police in Dorset have seized a stolen caravan from holidaymakers.

The stolen Elddis Odyssey caravan was recovered by officers in North Dorset.

The holidaymakers inside the caravan were in the middle of eating when officers turned up to take it.

Undeterred by the ongoing luncheon the caravan was seized, and Dorset Police’s Rural Crime team snapped a photo showing a table and chairs set up outside the stolen vehicle.

They’re now also appealing for any information involving the caravan being spotted under ‘suspicious circumstances’.

Writing on social media site, X, the Rural Crime team said: “Today we have ruined someone’s picnic by seizing a stolen Elddis Odyssey caravan in North Dorset. The caravan was stolen from out of county.

“If you have seen this caravan under suspicious circumstances please contact us quoting 55230134487.”

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