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Highland Council ‘pressured’ into consultation on new parking restrictions

The Highland Council has launched a consultation into possible new parking restrictions on a popular road in a Scottish national park.

The proposed restrictions on overnight parking are for the Glenmore Road, C1126, which runs from Coylumbridge up to the Coire Cas Ski Lift Car Park in the Cairngorms.

The council is also looking to bring in daytime parking charges along the road near Loch Morlich.

A council spokesperson said the move came amid “pressures” on the road system, saying that managing visitors to that area of the Cairngorms National Park has been a “challenge”.

The proposals, which are currently out for public consultation, would see a maximum stay limit of 12 hours imposed between 7am and 10pm, with no overnight parking allowed.

Charges would be £2 for one hour, £4 for six hours, and £5 for 12 hours.

A Highland Council spokesperson said: “Visitor management in the area of Glenmore has been a challenge in this part of the national park.

“In light of the pressures being experienced and as the Roads Authority, the Highland Council has published some additional proposals to improve the control of vehicle activities.

“These proposals are at the public consultation stage and all feedback will be reviewed before further steps are taken in this process.

“Any restrictions on the public road are enforced by Highland Council Parking Enforcement staff.”

A “statement of reasons” for the proposals says the order “will assist with traffic management in general and specifically relating to congestion and unsafe / unmanaged parking experienced on the C1126 Glenmore main Road and Glenmore Lodge access road”.

Restrictions would “introduce waiting and loading restrictions and on-street pay and display parking and affects the roads at C1126 Glenmore Road between its junction with Rothiemurchus Lodge Access Road eastwards to the snow gates for Cairngorm Mountain and a section of road at the entrance to the Coire Cas Ski Lift Car Park [and] the access road leading to Glenmore Lodge from its junction with the C1126 eastwards to its junction with the Glenmore Lodge”.

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katey jane andrews September 8, 2023 at 7:05 am

Have no clue where those places are but it should have a knock on effect to other areas.

The main issues here, you have a van hater community (its the traveller and gypsy thing it goes back years) groups spring up and its spreads.


its as simple as this start working as one group or it ends, well it has all but ended in many parts of the UK.

Paul Simpson September 8, 2023 at 10:47 am

katey jane andrews.

Looking on Google maps, after the Glenmore Campsite, Aviemore, and the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd centre, there is the parking lane on the right of the road, then there is a car park area on the right. Just past this is the road on the right, that goes around the lake up to Rothiemurchaus Lodge. The main Glenmore Road from here up to the ski slope car park, is two lanes only, with no side verges for parking. The access road to Glenmore Lodge & Rothiemurchaus Lodge are both single track WITH ‘Passing Places’. (if people park in these that is a serious problem).

Stuart Codling September 8, 2023 at 7:44 am

Take a deep breath and suck it up I’m afraid. We are full time in a Talbot motorhome and have watched the vans of all denominations spread like a terminal illness across the UK.

Over my past 6 years We’ve seen it all and noted particularly the restrictions falling into place with the regularity of a clock pendulum.

Good, bad, selfish, ignorant. All walks of life in vans. But here is the problem and it has nothing to do with the minority who empty their loos in the woods.

That’s a minor problem. The problem is sheer volume.

A swelling population, social media hyping the waking up on your high level bed, back doors open, sipping coffee as the waves gently lap on the remote sandy beach !!

Then we can talk about park 4 night and all the other. Well done them👍

Then we can talk about the people who name the popular routes. NC500 and so on.

There are simply too many and this is only going to become more of a problem.

I could give endless examples of the issue with numbers. One if the best? Try parking a car on North Bay, Scarborough over the New Year. If you’ve ever seen the vans here you’d know where I’m coming from.

Liken this problem, if you like to Bibby Stockholm? We’ve all heard of that I’m sure. Everyone debating for months and months at massive expense, the use of this vessel to house 500 people? Upto almost 900 arrive every day. See the problem ?

Personally Ive had a bit of a dislike for those stealthy brigades trying to slip under the radar but at the same time I don’t blame them. It may be one of only a few options before long unless you want your eyes to water whilst parked regimentally alongside numerious others on a field.

So, my advice from someone who’s been there, done it and is doing it ? You cannot hold back the tide indefinitely, the gradual erosion of our liberties in life generally are being stripped from us.

What is happening will continue to happen due simply to the sheer numbers of vans. NOT the ignorant few who empty their loo in the hedge as disgusting as that is.

Make the most of it whilst you still can !! We are 👍


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