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Felixstowe seafront considers new parking restrictions

Undercliff Road East in Felixstowe

New parking restrictions are being considered on Felixstowe seafront to tackle local concerns about campervans and motorhomes.

Representatives of Felixstowe Town Council last week met officers from Suffolk County Council’s Highways team and East Suffolk Council to discuss three possible new measures on Undercliff Road East in Felixstowe.

Felixstowe mayor Seamus Bennett said one option was to introduce a size-based restriction on vehicles, while the other two were for time-limited free parking during the day or restrictions on overnight stays.

However, he ruled out bringing in parking meters in Undercliff Road East, saying the town had a tradition of free parking and the council did not want to discourage visitors to the town.

The county council’s highways officers will now look into the practicalities and likely cost of implementing each of the three options before reporting the information back to the town council, which will then decide which option to pursue.

Mr Bennett said he hoped the town council would be able to make a decision on its preferred measure ‘by the end of this year’.

He added: “We are in the process of trying to work out what is practical, feasible and fair to everybody. We are dealing with it in as sustainable, realistic, implementable and fair a way as possible.

“People can be assured that it is very much on the town council, district council and county council’s radars.”

Mr Bennett added the town council was also considering creating an alternative, designated space for campervans and motorhomes in the town.

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katey jane andrews September 1, 2023 at 10:20 am

Been to Felixstowe port to watch the big ships at Shotley gate before covid and a ban was in place there. I,m seeing this as vendetta against vans.

Remember, the traveller gypsies thing have long been a hate thing in this country and people are seeing all vans like it. You know councils couldn’t run pee up let long run a town.

Also locals, i bet 99.99% don’t do anything anyway, just complain, they may walk their dogs. I live in my motorhome full time and never see locals out hiking let alone in the countryside. they wouldn’t have a clue whats on their doorsteps.

This country seems to be heading towards a keep local only lifestyle.

Hey the best way to deal with all this, put walls or fences up around all towns and villages and call them HMP prisons.

Zero September 2, 2023 at 8:58 pm

Well said! Unfortunately the narrow minded older folk are usually the ones living in the smaller beach villages and rarely get off the sofa. they are usually the ones going around complaining as they have nothing better to do.
sadly it looks like this cou try is headed to a ‘Lock yourself up at home’ culture.


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