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Height barrier installed at Mumbles car park to deter campervans

Knab Rock car park, Mumbles

Swansea Council has introduced a height barrier to limit the size of vehicles being able to park at Knab Rock car park, Mumbles.

Van Life Matters understand the entrance now has just a 2.3m clearance.

Locals have questioned why the barrier has been brought-in and say council cash to erect the barrier should have spent elsewhere.

A spokesman for Swansea Council said: “Height restriction measures have been introduced at Knab Rock car park to ensure the car park is used by vehicles appropriate for the location.”

On learning of the new height restriction measures, frustrated local resident Gary Davies said: “The guys in the campervans are a pleasure. Never leave a mess.

“Always pay for parking even in quieter times they are quite often there.

“I fish there regularly and have got to know many of them and it’s been a pleasure to have become good friends with them.”

Local resident Karen Jones said: “As a local who likes to get out of the house occasionally rather than pubs etc.

“I prefer to take our van here and watch the sun go down and rise here.

“I’m limited due to disabilities and my local pleasure is no longer available.

“The motorhomes were no problem, they were quiet, they paid to park during the times payments due, they spent money locally and so on.

“So why are they been moved on? Limeslade to Mumbles boy racers, for want of a better term, are far more of an issue.

“I for one don’t appreciate this decision.

“I get fed up of things being done but we aren’t consulted. Is it purely because the council want to turn everything including car parks into a cash cow?”

“The motor home community respect where we go, 99 per cent of us leave places clean and tidy – sometimes better than when we arrive.

“Wherever we go we try to support local businesses and from all the people I know and meet with this interest I find them some of the best folk you could meet.

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“I’m fed up of councils forcing us out of the area to campsites etc. surely paying £5, £10 in a carousel is better for the council than making us go to a site and line someone else’s pockets.

“If people with motorbikes visit now you’ll find them lining the main road, parking in the new free bays by the park and no doubt causing congestion and local uproar as they’re taking up free parking.

“I’d like to add that this isn’t about me as our van can still get under as we are just clear and camper vans can also get under.

“There are some, many regulars who won’t be able to get under the 2.3m clearance.

“Not once have I seen parking bring an issue overnight there.

“Maybe take the barriers down and add a £5/£6 overnight charge and make money rather than spending it on yellow painted metal.”

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R Brock July 3, 2023 at 1:47 pm

Why are so many councils becoming so anti motorhome. You don’t get this in Europe.
Are they going to ban cars next because of the rubbish they leave.
I have seen car owners throw rush out the window and open the door and drop rubbish, but I have never seen a motorhomer do this but they get blamed for a lot of it.

Joe July 7, 2023 at 8:04 am

we have decided not to venture back into the mumbles sadly as its just to difficult and expensive for campervans now. a private car park on the beach wanted £25 for an hrs parking in sept last yr and that wasnt even on the sea front with the other cars, that was a tucked away space behind some trees in the dark. very sad as we always shop local / take our rubbish with us and never cause a mess but seems we arent the sort of people they want anymore

Terry Nicholas August 4, 2023 at 10:29 am

This is something that can be challenged by all the local retailer communities, as it threatens their income by reducing visitors who in many cases keep small communities alive. Opposed to being forced to close profitable businesses and generate empty properties that no one wants to occupy, due the drop in visitors and potential business. The blind dash for cash greed should eliminated from local council policy.

Mark August 6, 2023 at 8:49 am

Typical blinkered councillors who listen to one or two moaning Karen’s.


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