Police identify ‘suspicious’ motorhome cold callers

Isle of Wight Police have confirmed they are aware and know the identities of four ‘suspicious’ cold callers who have been causing concern in East Wight.

Officers received a series of reports following cold callers knocking on people’s doors earlier this week (November 14).

The males attending addresses were enquiring and attempting to purchase motorhomes parked outside people’s homes.

“There were lots of concerns regarding their behaviour,” said police, “and this matter has been looked into by the North East Wight Neighbourhood Team.”

Following enquiries, four names have been identified, along with the vehicles they were driving.

PC Beeson confirmed: “We know who they were and where they are from.

“So far, there have been no crimes conducted nor identified, however, we are aware of the situation and the concerns you had as a community.

“As it stands, there are no current concerns or risks identified to the community at large. Trading Standards and follow-up checks will be made to ensure the protection of you all.”

Police suggest Islanders stay vigilant, look out for each other and continue to report suspicious behaviour.

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