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Pendennis Castle to stop overnight campervan parking with height restriction bar

Pendennis Castle

A height barrier to prevent campervans and motorhomes from staying overnight is to be installed at the entrance of Pendennis Castle car park in Falmouth.

An application from English Heritage to install the 2.1m height restrictor at the entrance to the castle car park off Castle Drive was approved by Cornwall Council this week.

English Heritage says the existing timber access gates at the entrance to the car park are currently left open at night as opening and close them each day is not reasonable for the site team.

No overnight parking is allowed in the car park, but it says the current signage has proven ineffective in stopping larger vehicles entering the car park for this purpose.

“An openable height restrictor to the height of 2.1m is required to enable greater managed control over the car park even when the timber access gates are left open,” English Heritage said in its application.

“Coaches and other larger vehicles authorised by the site team will still be allowed managed access.”

The restrictor will be set back from the timber access gates adjacent Castle Drive, allowing time for motorists to see the height restrictor after turning in.

“The installation of the openable height restrictor will be of public benefit in providing more complete management of the car parking to Pendennis Castle, lessening the amount of unauthorised overnight parking without incurring higher staff resource to open and close the timber access gates each day,” English Heritage says.

“Unauthorised overnight parking has caused issues such as littering and anti-social behaviour which has affected peoples’ enjoyment of the monument.

“In addition, larger vehicles have previously been known to use up multiple car park spaces needed for other visitors to the site.”

English Heritage says the work will have a negligible impact on the character and significance of the site.

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katey jane andrews February 2, 2024 at 7:59 am

As the net slowly closes in on what has to be the dumbest humans on the planet who ar evan owners. Never seen such stupidity from basically a middle class group of people who have been brought up with a silver spoon up their butt and they have no idea how to park and the mess they cause due to self greed. Because they haven’t lived life, haven’t spent time understanding the countryside and just wish to spend the night drunk and leave a mess.

Stick to cricket please and don’t buy vans. leave that to us real van lifers.

Paul Simpson February 2, 2024 at 8:33 am

Katey Jane Andrews spells out the main problem decent campervan & Motorhome owners face daily. – Those owners who believe ‘ they are a rule onto themselves, and to pot with everyone else, & the rules of the countryside’. A prime example was last year when Van Life highlighted the prosecution of a person in Highlands of Scotland, for emptying their cassette toilet into the local river.
We don’t need these idiots tra elling around in motorhomes / campervan s spoiling it for everyone else.


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