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North Berwick overnight campervan parking charge plans opposed by locals

North Berwick overnight campervan parking

Residents in North Berwick, Scotland have responded overwhelmingly in opposition to East Lothian Council’s proposals to implement overnight campervan and motorhome parking charges on residential streets.

The consultation set out the possibility of introducing charged overnight visitor campervan and motorhome parking between midnight and 6am on the two residential streets.

In the survey results, 64 per cent of locals responded, with 78 per cent opposing the introduction of the charges.

Concerns by residents focussed on the safety and security of their streets, as well as an increased level of noise and waste that could accompany increased numbers of campervans.

One resident said: “Our main and most important concern is the great danger to children either running out from behind campervans parked alongside the stone wall or running off the beach between motorhomes into the path of passing traffic on what is often a very busy road.

“Additionally, a lack of sufficient waste bins could cause an overflow of food waste, which happened during the Covid lockdown.

“This would offer a great attraction for rats and seagulls. As it is, the bins are often overflowing, especially in the summer.

“People are also concerned about the policing of late-night drinking and noise from campers including loud music and singing, which could become a problem.”

Another commented: “There is already a height restriction for parked vehicles along the seafront which excludes most motorhomes

“In terms of safety, access from most motorhomes is from the side, meaning if the door is on the left they need to park away from the sea wall, while the right exit is straight onto the road into oncoming traffic.

“There are also concerns that motorhomes parked along the sea wall will reduce line of sight for people coming off the beach.

“If a resident with a permit parks their motorhome in the residents’ parking area at the Coastguard cottages and a visiting home parks against the wall opposite this could obstruct emergency vehicle access.

“Furthermore, there is an issue with pollution. During lockdown, motorhome owners emptied toilets and children’s potties over the sea wall.”

Mr Hoy said: “I appreciate the need for a parking solution to be found for campervan, caravan and RV owners visiting North Berwick, and I warmly welcome the significant contribution that these visitors bring for local retailers and other businesses.

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“That being said, it is clear that there are significant concerns about the introduction of charged overnight visitor campervan parking on the residential streets of Melbourne Road and the Quadrant.

“Should the parking consultation proposals go ahead, East Lothian Council must consider the view of residents and avoid having overnight visitor campervan parking on these residential streets.

“The council have already introduced a temporary ban on overnight parking in coastal car parks to crack down on partying visitors.

“While I do not oppose this ban, I struggle to understand why overnight parking on coastal residential streets is preferable to designated car parks.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council’s consultation has received significant amounts of representation from the community, which we are currently analysing and we will reflect on the various concerns raised.

“The feedback has been insightful and helps in the development of the proposals.

“The consultation and proposals will be taken back to council for consideration in due course.”

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