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Keswick motorhome parking aire being considered by councillors

Keswick Town Council is to explore the possibility of creating a campervan and motorhome overnight parking facility.

It follows the raising of the issue by Cllr Paul Titley at the February meeting of the council where he had submitted a notice of motion that suggested the town council along with the Keswick Tourism Association (KTA) jointly investigates the benefits of establishing an ‘aire’ in the town to accommodate short overnight stays by leisure vehicles.

He said that he had been approached by two individuals who owned motorhomes who said that the town would benefit from having one.

Cllr Titley said that camper vans were very popular and they were not going to go away.

He added: “Either we let them carry on parking willy-nilly all over the place or we charge them and we can charge very good money.”

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Cllr Allan Daniels said that there was always going to be people who do not abide by the rules and added that he spoke to people in the caravan club and said it would not go down very well with them.

Cllr Alan Dunn said that he was under the impression that Cllr Titley was considering accommodating the aire on the Crosthwaite Road car park.

He said that he had visited the car park and estimated that it could take four to five motorhomes.

Cllr David Burns said motorhome owners were currently parking up on Longbridge Lane and Church Street.

He added: “The county council put signs up saying no overnight parking and those signs have disappeared.

“The people who park camper vans in those locations don’t use the facilities in the town.

“They have barbecues there and are making merry into the early hours.”

“Explore it by all means but a lot of people will say: ‘Not in my back yard’,” said Cllr Duncan Miller. “If you come up with sites then let’s explore it.”

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Paul Simpson February 25, 2023 at 12:12 pm

Of course Caravan Clubs will object. They will see it as the Council taking away their trade, and operating as an illegal campsite.
But, as many know , most of them have a minimum number of nights, usually three, and they are not always near a town.

Aires can be a safe, location close to towns, ( Council Car Parks are ideal 5 dedicated MH Parking Bays) , allowing motorhomes to stop for 24/48 hrs, shop locally, then move on.
All we require is a Simple safe location, with water refill, Grey & Chemical waste disposal points. (EHU is not a must). Council’s could help by putting up signage to the nearest MH Service Point.

Olly Gibson February 27, 2023 at 12:43 pm

This is something that is very common in Europe and could work very well in the UK. Unfortunately the prices for staying anywhere in the UK is very restricting, Most of us Moho owners spend lots of cash in cities/towns/villages on our travels and are willing to pay to park up overnight for one, possibly 2/3 nights but not at exorbitant price. If there is nowhere local to accommodate our Mohos then we move on, therefore supporting the economy of other, more welcoming cities/towns/villages. Even making a few spaces on a car park for an overnight stop, without facilities, would be welcome.


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