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Motorhome winter storage: Owners urged to protect camping water systems

Campervan, motorhome and caravan owners have been urged to drain all water from their camping systems before winter storage or risk “costly damage”.

Experts at We Buy Any Motorcaravan say owners should ensure “every last drop” to avoid ruptured pipes and expensive repairs.

Shane Malpass, spokesperson for We Buy Any Motorcaravan said: “Most people put their motorhomes and caravans away for the colder months.

“If they fail to prepare them for winter they could be looking at massive, costly damage from burst water pipes, battery failure and rodent infestations.

“It is crucial that you properly drain down your motorhome to get every last drop out of the pipes.

“If you don’t, the water will freeze and may expand. Which could rupture your pipes.

“A simple way to get every last drop out is to open all of the taps and the drain down valve and to go for a short drive.

“This will knock any of the lingering droplets out of the pipeworks.”

Van Lifers are also advised to protect the waiter system too.

A Camping and Caravanning Club spokesperson said: “After security, enemy number one during winter storage is frost damage due to water left in the motorhome, closely followed by problems arising from damp and mould.

“Any water left in the motorhome supply system is liable to freeze and cause damage during freezing weather.

“Ensure you drain down the whole system, including the water heater and taps.

“Use of a proprietary drain down system, such as the one produced by Floe, is an effective way of achieving full drain down.”

The club encourages its members to their taps fully open over winter to allow any trapped water to run out.

It added that “small pockets of water” will not cause damage but “does not bode well” for the safety or taste of water next year.

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