Motorhome owner told to ‘get a life’ by campsite over dog poo complaint

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A motorhome owner who complained about dog poo at a Gwynedd campsite says they were told to “get a life” by the campsite manager.

Criw Touring Caravan and Campsite on the Pen Llyn has a host of positive reviews with 92 per cent recommending it to other visitors.

Writing on the Pitchup review website, a recent negative review claimed that the owners’ family dog was roaming free and “pooping on our pitch”.

They claim they were told to “kick it up the arse” when they brought it up.

The review was posted on the Pitchup where they gave the site a four out of ten score.

The manager’s blunt response on the site was to “get a life”.

The reviewer, Dawn P, then posted it on the Facebook page Motorhome Madness under the heading “When you give honest feedback”.

She received a raft of supportive comments from other campers and some campsite owners.

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Van October 20, 2023 at 5:10 pm

I agree wholeheartedly with the camp site owner … do one …. If all you have in life is to wine about a dog poo rather than use your common, sense pick it up and bin it and move one ..You don’t deserve the attention .. poo happens’s not just deal with it …I know others won’t agree with me … however I’m certain no one leaves it around intentionally …


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