Abandoned Ben Nevis ironing board sparks anger

An ironing board abandoned at the top of Ben Nevis has angered social media users, the BBC reports.

It was photographed last week resting against the ruined walls of the 19th century Ben Nevis observatory.

It is not uncommon for household items to be carried to the top of the UK’s highest mountain as part of fundraising efforts for charities.

But the John Muir Trust, which shares responsibility for its management, said the rule is “leave nothing behind”.

In April, a former soldier made it to the top of the 1,345m (4,413 ft) peak with a fridge on his back.

And in June, a mountain rescuer carried a 100kg (220lb) barbell to raise money for motor neurone disease research.

Other strange items reportedly left on Ben Nevis include a church organ, a toilet seat and a 3ft garden gnome.

The photograph of the ironing board angered hillwalkers when it was posted on a Highlands Facebook page.

It is believed those responsible may have been doing “extreme ironing” for charity – a craze where people take ironing boards to remote locations.

The John Muir Trust, which runs volunteer litter picks on Ben Nevis, said the summit “would start to look like a Home Bargains store” if all charity walkers left their items behind.

A spokesperson added: “A lot of people raise money for great causes on Ben Nevis, and we don’t want to discourage that.

“Those unfamiliar with outdoors culture don’t always understand the first unwritten rule of the hills, which is leave nothing behind but your boot prints.”

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Eddie Edwards November 24, 2023 at 8:17 am

Not sure why this has somehow been connected with van life or Motorhome’s, it could have been anyone taking this to the top. Is it just another excuse to bash the vans.

Philip Lee November 24, 2023 at 10:25 am

Instead of moaning about it why not pick it up and take it down. Be a problem solver not a problem maker


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