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We need to welcome campervans and motorhomes, Scarborough Borough Councillor says

Scarborough overnight parking

Campervan owner and Scarborough Borough Councillor, Guy Coulson has said Scarborough should be doing more to embrace campervans and motorhomes instead of making it more difficult for them.

Speaking at a Borough council meeting last week, in which other councillors were calling to take action against tourers, Coulson said more overnight stopover facilities are needed to welcome visitors.

He said: “You can go to Northumberland, most of the authorities up there have an overnight parking fee for when the car parks are empty – we are missing a trick.

“There’s the areas at Whitby, the big car parks there. For years, I’ve said we’ve been missing a trick.

“This [aires] is what we should be looking it, it’s a thing on the increase and people are using them more so we need to welcome it and work with people and make money at it.”

However, concerns were raised by councillors about rubbish being left behind and incidents of toilet waste being disposed of in public drains.

Councillor Tony Randerson said: “If they start leaving rubbish behind, start emptying their toilets down the drains, then of course, as a responsible authority then we’re going to take action on that and that’s what we will do.

“When you pay £30,000 to 40,000 for a campervan but can’t afford to pay a £10, £15 or £20 fee to go on a proper, recognised park is beyond me.

“We are trying to come up with some kind of solution.

“There ain’t no easy answer unfortunately.”

Whitby Councillor, Glenn Goodbury said: “Whitby, like Scarborough, has been inundated with hundreds of campervans over the summer period.

“Sandsend Road, one day there was 46 campervans in row down there.

“There’s a local business that pays scarborough council for a pitch to sell ice creams and he couldn’t get his landorver down there.

“The same is going on at the ravine, near the golf course where’s there’s signage on the sea wall saying no parking and it’s absolutely nose to tail with campervans.”

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