What Was the Outcome of the Insomnia Gaming Festival?

Insomnia Gaming Festival is the ultimate experience that brings together developers, technical teams, media, and affiliated companies under one roof. The festival immerses everyone in attendance in a world of non-stop gaming with everything at your disposal, from the latest video games to retro classics. The just concluded Insomnia was a massive success with LAN parties, amazing exhibitions, and tournaments. Fans also had a chance to purchase their desired Insomnia merchandise and memorabilia.

Insomnia Gaming Festival Returned Bigger and Better

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Insomnia Gaming Festival has been on a path of insurgence. Even though the festival is yet to reach its peak, it is headed there! In fact, the recently concluded event that took place in Birmingham is the ultimate proof that the Insomnia Gaming Festival is getting better. One of the notable aspects of the festival was the eSports tournament and competitions. The event had multiple eSports scenes, ranging from the main event to micro-tournaments. This event was not just proof that eSports is a rapidly growing industry but also a confirmation of why video games are the most grossing industry in the world. It is notable to mention that many slot games were inspired and created based on these video games, which you can now play at UK casinos either for free or with real cash.

Most Popular Video Games at the Festival That Have Also a Casino Adaptation

Video games have had a massive impact in different sectors, including the online casino industry. They have inspired some of the most immersive slot machines with distinct themes and fantastic gameplay that you can enjoy at different gaming casino sites like Jackpot Joy. According to expert casino review sites, one of the reasons why UK players highly praise Jackpot Joy Casino is because it offers top-tier themed slots inspired by some of the biggest video games, such as Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Tomb Raider. This online casino also has Street Fighter and Resident Evil-inspired slot machines, which you can play for free by opting for the demo version. Consider using the available promotions to play your favourite video game-inspired slots. Just make sure you go through the bonus terms and conditions so that you can easily determine the best value Jackpot Joy Casino bonuses that are worth considering.

eSports Tournaments and Competitions That Took Place During the Festival

Being a complete video game affair, there are multiple eSports tournaments and competitions that took place during the festival. One of the most notable competitions is the ESL Premiership, a showcase of CS: GO, one of the most popular video games whose team, Fnatic raised $19 million for major expansion in 2019 thus proving the popularity of the video game. The competition had an epic grand final, which kicked off at Clash on Ancient, a popular map which is known for its depth. Despite Endpoint proving to be merciless in several areas, the Raptors were able to subdue them, thereby winning the tournament. Other eSports tournaments that took place without a hitch include the Rocket League iSeries tournament for Rocket League enthusiasts, The Team Fortress 2 iSeries Open, and the Valorant iSeries Challenge. Basically, there was a competition for most, if not all, video games, including Valorant, CS: GO, and Apex Legends.

eSports Teams That Participated

Several eSports teams participated in their respective tournaments. They made the event much more captivating thanks to their skill and prowess. Thanks to different teams and players, the Insomnia Gaming Festival was worth streaming from different parts of the globe, including the comfort of your campervan in case you are into van life or just in the living room of your home. Some of the most notable teams that made an appearance include Endpoint, Raptors, and ex-Coalesce, three of the most popular CS: GO teams. Valorant fans came face to face with teams like Clique Esports, which won the Valorant iSeries tournament, and Yari Esports. Cabbage Corp was also among the League of Legends teams that did not just make an appearance but also took part in the League of Legends Open, which they won. These and many other teams grazed the festival and made sure that their fans were entertained to the fullest.

Other Activities That Took Place at The Insomnia Gaming Festival

While the competitions were the main part of the event, with the highlight being the rounding up of i71 eSports winners and gifting them varying cash prizes, there were other activities at the venue. For instance, publishers showcased their new content to prospective buyers. Finally, video gaming fans had a close look at Tekken 8, one of the most anticipated video games. Moreover, there was a booth full of Insomnia Gaming Festival merchandise, including uniquely designed T-shirts and caps. The event organisers were thoughtful enough to include a marketplace where you could purchase video gaming products and an exhibition space with different companies showcasing their products. Some of the biggest brands also made an appearance, including Lenovo Legion, Riot Games, Team 17, and GT Omega. In short, there were so many experiences to soak up apart from the main events. Everything was well positioned for easy accessibility despite the event having thousands of individuals running up and down the area. Exhibitors and sellers were enthusiastic and involved, thus adding vibrance to the entire scene.

Final Thoughts

The outcome of the Insomnia Gaming Festival was marvellous and fruitful for all the parties involved. Every representative put in their best effort to make sure the festival was smooth with no hitches. This is commendable because the spirit behind the extravaganza seemed to be dying after the COVID-19 pandemic. During the event, fans were entertained with a series of major and micro-tournaments. They also had access to new video games while avid fans got to meet their best teams, including Clique Esports and Cabbage Corp, which always dominate the event. It was quite a nerdy event that proves that the Insomnia Gaming Festival is just getting started.

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