Petition opposes proposed overnight parking ban on Isle of Man

Isle of Man

Motorhome and campervan owners are speaking out to oppose overnight parking bans on the Isle of Man.

It comes as the Isle of Man’s Department of Infrastructure (DoI) engages with local authorities to introduce the ban following complaints about motorhomes, vans and industrial vehicles being parked in housing estates.

In a letter to local authorities, DoI director of highways Jeff Robinson said that the proposal to ‘restrict inappropriate weekend and overnight parking in residential areas’ for vehicles taller than 1.87m and longer than 5.5m will leave final decisions with local authorities.

In essence, it will be up to the local authorities to say what areas they do and don’t want the proposed rules to apply.

This means that if Douglas Council wanted to restrict people parking motorhomes or work vans on St Catherine’s Drive, then it would be up to the Council to do so.

However, if it wanted to allow parking of such vehicles on the Spring Meadow Industrial Estate or Upper Dukes Road, for example, then it would be up to the authority to decide this.

Mr Robinson said in his letter: “The restrictions will apply to all speed regulated roads, unless through the regulations they are excluded by the local authority.

“For example, the local authority may choose to exempt an industrial estate within its area.”

A petition set up by Keith Pringle is seeking to stop the proposed changes and has attracted more than 1,200 signatures.

The petition says that a “£60 fixed penalty notice could be issued from the Police, local authority and the department of infrastructure staff if you are found parking overnight between 6.00pm to 7.00am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday & Sunday”.

Keith says that this change will affect differing vehicle types including work vans, some 4x4s, SUV’s and camper vans.

People who have signed the petition have noted that this will also potentially impact people who have specially adapted vehicles, for example those who have a family member in a wheelchair.

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Others have criticised the Isle of Man Government for the lack of provision for motorhomes and campervans with restrictions in place in areas such as the Sulby Claddaghs.

Trades people have also said that the proposed changes could impact on them if they take their work vans home at night.

Keith said: “Please sign this petition, contact your local authority who have known about this for weeks and contact your MHK about your concerns.

“The DoI are eager to get this legislation passed as early as this Autumn in Tynwald.’

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Vicki Skellorn July 28, 2023 at 8:54 am

Thank you for making others aware that if this goes ahead, the Isle of Man will NOT be a welcoming place for these vehicles.They made no effort to hold a public meeting to discuss this. Not everyone can afford holidays nowadays ,so our vans,campers and motorhomes are treasured. Our self employed need their vans etc..Its ridiculous.

Roy Craggs July 28, 2023 at 2:38 pm

stupid and short-sighted, and possibly vindictive policy, with no real justification for implementation.
Makes you wonder what the actual agenda is.

Gillian Stanton July 29, 2023 at 3:19 pm

Very disappointing if this goes ahead – I thought tourism was important to the Island

Paul Simpson August 4, 2023 at 8:17 am

whilst this decision ( WITHOUT ANY LOCAL CONSULTATIONS), could have an impact on those of us considering coming to the IoM in our MHs, who may not use the campsites, for the entirety of our holiday, it WILL have a far more reaching impact on the local residents. Those – with work vans that are brought home each night, Specially adapted vehicles for families, and a those who have no driveway to park up.

NB. is there a link to the petition?


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