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Not all motorhome users are a ‘nuisance’, say locals amid Anglesey beach row

Anglesey locals have spoke out to promote the benefits of visiting campervans and motorhomes after council planners gave new barriers the go-ahead to stop motorhomes and campervans from pitching up overnight at a beachside beauty spot.

Bodorgan Estate, on Anglesey, is to install a barrier to control access to the car park at Porth Trecastell (Cable Bay) near Rhosneigr.

The proposal was submitted to and approved by Anglesey Council planners.

However, a number of North Wales Live readers have questioned the plans.

Debbie branded the local authority its “own worst enemy” when asking if there isn’t a more practical solution that won’t impact the local tourism sector: “Quite frankly I don’t know why you don’t harness the tourism and make proper facilities.

“An area for camper vans to park, shower facilities and toilets, I’m sure they would be happy to pay.”

Another local felt the measure was too draconian as not all motorhome owners acted irresponsibly.

Under the username Jenny198619, they wrote: “I have a campervan and I live in Wales.

“The only reason I rarely use campsites is the cost – would you really pay £20+, just to park on a bit of grass?

“I don’t need a campsite’s facilities.

“I have my own toilet, shower and bin. I use water and disinfectant in my toilet.

“I empty when I get to a toilet to flush it and I empty my bin when I get home.

“I’m not a nuisance, I don’t play loud music, and I certainly don’t leave any kind of waste behind.

“Please don’t tarnish all with the same brush.”

Johnny Ordinary wrote: “What a pathetic excuse to block access.

“Most motorhomes contain their waste and their owners are responsible about disposal, the truth is they get lobbied by campsite owners to shut down free alternatives and act in the interests of the few rather than the many.

“Wales is increasingly becoming hostile towards tourists.

“The proposed tourist tax, and the no doubt hundreds of cash cow speed cameras soon as they stick 20 limits in a load of extra places, will start taking my van and my money to Yorkshire instead…”

Millim asks: “What is the matter with you all? Do you not want business here in Wales?

“What with tourist tax, 20mph roads, extortionate tax for those with two homes and now barriers for campervans. Between you all, you are bringing Wales to its knees.”

VespaRider added: “Like it or not, we need visitors to keep coming to Anglesey for the thousands of jobs they create in shops, pubs and takeaways otherwise we will just be a retirement area.

“All that’s happening is the actions of a few dirty people ruining Anglesey for the thousands of decent caring visitors.”

Making such a decision could risk tourists abandoning the country altogether in favour of other areas in the UK. lynnaki wrote: “It’s like Wales don’t want tourists.

“I plan on getting a camper van be soon and, although I love Wales, I will be taking my van and money to Scotland.”

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Joy August 23, 2023 at 8:21 am

Totally agree with the comments made here. As someone who travels a lot around Wales in a motor caravan and litter picks as I go, it is so frustrating that we are all tarred with the same brush. We have all facilities onboard and other than the occasional site stop to empty toilet and fill up with water we are totally off grid. This summer the price of sites has risen exponentially and there is one that I know of that is charging £50 a night for a large pitch ( we are 7m long) and that is with no electric!
What is needed are Aires as they have in France where for a small cost (sometimes free) you can park up, bins, Elsan point and water are available. If facilities were dotted around then these issues would not arise.

Steve August 25, 2023 at 6:56 am

Many more councils in the UK are starting to realise what mainland Europe has know for years.
The modern self contained motorcaravan bring year round tourism to local towns, many of the business are struggling to survive on the short tourist season from holiday makers.
Lots more councils including several in Wales are realising that it makes economic sense to provide safe authorised overnight parking places rather than waste tax payers money expensive barriers and enforcement.
Surveys show that the UK motorcaravan owners spend over £1billion per year in local shops.
We have just completed a 6 week trip to Scotland where we were made welcome in most towns often with free overnight parking or a max of £10. This allowed us to tour soending one or two nights in each place, trying local restaurants, buying food from local shops and every one said they benefited from visiting motorcaravans.
CAMpRA UK are a volunteer group assisting small businesses to provide overnight parking for up to 5 motorcaravans. If the councils cannot see the opportunity presented to them by Brexit travel restrictions forcing UK motorcaravans to stay in the UK then its down to our small businesses to help themselves.

Ferriswheel August 25, 2023 at 7:04 am

We’ve spent lots of time and money on equipping our vehicle so we could, if we wanted to, go completely off grid, but where can you do that in Wales? We have friends who live in Trearddur Bay Anglesey, and during the day, spend time and lots of money in the local area and beyond, in shops restaurants and tourist facilities – but come night time, we are not welcome! Street signs and height barriers prevent any overnighting and there’s no access to any land for wild camping. We have to pay exorbitant fees to park on a grass pitch. Aires are the answer, but the local council won’t consider them. Why not? We along with many others, who’ve bought expensive fully equipped vehicles, would be only too happy to pay to use them. We leave no trace of rubbish or waste products and often pick up and dispose of any found where we’ve parked.

Ian Pedley August 25, 2023 at 7:48 am

Many times the council are making these anti motorhome decisions without consultation of local businesses. Beaumaris Green is a prime example of this! You can’t make these decisions based on personal prejudices but that is what is happening.

Delia Westbury August 25, 2023 at 8:25 am

I am a Motorhome owner and live in North wales. We go to Europe for most of our allowed shengen days
And spend a lot of money in shops, bars Cafes and heritage places. In Europe they welcome Motorhomes and have realised that their ecomomy benefits and charge minimum amounts to park overnight.
It is a shame that wales councils are unable to see the benefits we bring to their economy.
Rugby and other clubs are now charging and allowing us to overnight. Good for them making money from empty car parks.
Wales tourist minister – Please take note.

Paul August 25, 2023 at 10:21 am

We live in North Wales and own a campervan. We would love to support the country’s economy but are not prepared to be ripped off which unfortunately we too have discovered is becoming more and more the case in Wales.
We have recently travelled around Scotland and have found the campsite prices there reasonable compared to what the charges are in Wales. Our next trip is to be to Dorset and exploring possibilities for campsites there we find them more reasonable than Wales.
The local Councils seem blinkered when dealing with this issue. They need to look at Aires and provide facilities.

Campervan Tales August 25, 2023 at 1:02 pm

.We are totally self contained in our van. We take our rubbish and toilet waste hone with us. we spend at least £200 a trip in local businesses. That £200 would soon be eaten up by greedy campsites.
If Anglesey l,which we love,doesn’t want our money spent locally then we will go elsewhere.

Eddie Edwards August 25, 2023 at 10:16 pm

Looking at the motorhome forums, Wales is off most people’s lists now and those that will try and visit, will soon find out how much we’re hated and unwelcome in Wales.

Shame really, but small minded people are making huge decisions that will affect the income of local businesses.

Oh yes and roll on the tourist tax as well. Can you ever make a beautiful country less inviting.

katey jane andrews August 25, 2023 at 11:19 pm

Isn’t this discrimination?

Tell you a quick story, Took my mum to the North York moors, we parked at Goathland viewing point on xmas day, had to duck for cover on boxing day due to 80 mph winds so headed to Whitby, and i will take you to see the sea and go to see the harbour, I couldn’t park up in the town due to the motorhome ban and she was in a wheelchair, the only place was outside the town where I had parked during the storm so she never saw a thing of that place and she died 5 months later. I went mental at Scarborough council.

Anyway I l’ve fulltime in a my motorhome, have no fixed address and been living in it for 4 years. park ups are shrinking, well almost gone. This country is heading back to the dark ages.

North Norfolk was great for parkups as I lived near there, covid came along and the lot have gone. Van owners must have the black death or something.


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