Motorhome driver’s ‘selfish’ parking slammed on social media

Drivers have hit out at a motorhome driver for their “selfish” parking on the North Coast 500 route.

Venting on social media, a motorist has shared a picture of a motorhome taking up two spaces in a car park.

They wrote: “Thanks for being a selfish t*t, parking in the middle of two free bays.

“But no bother we found an amazing hidden retreat around the corner.”

The image attracted comments on both sides of the argument.

One person said: “Why not just ask them if they could move over so you can fit your motor home in?

“What’s the need to run straight to social media with every inconvenience people have in life?

“Not only that but a picture with their registration clear as day.

“There could literally be ANY reason they have parked like this.”

A second wrote: “Tourists complaining about other tourists parking their motorhomes. If you were a local, you’d be called a Karen.”

A third argued: “To be fair to the poster, the single space is massive… could surely have got within the lines whatever the reason.”

While a fourth put: “Regular occurrence, the standard of drivers these days is utterly shocking common sense was common once upon a time.

“These guys we have seen numerous times and in every location, they are either in the way or making a mockery of themselves.”

A fifth put forward a solution for the problem, saying: “I’d have parked right close to doors or in front of the van, just to be awkward.”

Stretching out over 500 miles of rural Highlands, the North Coast 500 was launched as a unique tourist trail back in 2015 and has been ranked as one of the greatest road trips on the planet.

However, the route’s influx of tourists hasn’t always been popular with residents following many reports of anti-social behaviour stemming from the parade of campervans and motorhomes trailing up the single-track route.

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