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Lytham St Annes overnight parking restrictions proposed

Lytham St Annes promenade

New restrictions to stop motorhomes and campervans from parking overnight along Lytham St Annes promenade have been proposed.

The traffic regulation order would prevent ‘motorcaravans’ from waiting on the roadside along the promenade and on some adjoining roads between 6pm to 8am.

Lancashire County Council, as the upper-tier authority for the county, are responsible for implementing and enforcing on-street parking regulations in Fylde.

These new proposals emerged from discussions between Fylde Council and Lancashire County Council over concerns raised by Lytham St Annes residents and business owners.

Cllr Michelle Morris, Fylde Council’s Lead Member for Customer & Operational Services, said: “The majority of the motorhome visitors we receive in Fylde are perfect guests, and I would like to emphasise that they are still very welcome to stay overnight in the motorhome car park bays designated for this purpose.

“These new proposals would help keep the promenade and its environs in excellent condition for all while continuing to provide a place for motorhomes in Lytham St Annes.”

New provision for motorhome overnight parking was recently introduced in designated bays on Fairhaven Road Car Park as part of an 18-month trial, adding to the existing motorhome overnight parking bays available at the St Pauls Avenue, St Annes Swimming Pool, North Promenade, and North Beach Car Parks.

NEED TO KNOW: Motorhomes and campervans can stay overnight for up to 48hrs maximum and must be parked in a designated motorhome bay. Overnight motorhome parking (any time between 7pm and 9am the following day) in a standard bay is not permitted.

A sluice unit for use by campers is provided approximate 500m North of St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park at North Promenade car park in the public WCs. 20 minutes free parking is provided in a designated bay beside the building and a £1 charge must be made for use of the facility. Currently no water supply is provided.

Cllr Cheryl Little and Cllr Susan Fazackerley, Carnegie Ward members who have fought long and hard as representatives of one of the areas most affected by the proliferation of motor homes parking for considerable periods of time on roadsides, welcome Lancashire County Council’s proposals for limitation of this activity.

She said: “We are very aware of the problems this has caused to our residents and hope the proposals will encourage motor home owners to use the increased facilities available at a very small cost in our sea front car parks.”

Members of the public may make representations or objections in writing before 9 November 2023.

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Linton Brown October 20, 2023 at 6:36 am

I am in favour of these changes provided they aren’t abused.
I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting other motorhome users who abuse local parking.

katey jane andrews October 20, 2023 at 7:28 am

Off grid lifestyle will some been a paid and regulated lifestyle. but then again there are no real full time van livers in the uk apart from myself. Why ohh the laws you have to break to be free. Van life is a make believe fantasy world for many, in fact is bizar whats going one, even wild camping (tents) have gone from tent in the middle of nowhere to either next to your car or on a roundabout. Its become a show for youtube too which is funny to watch as I know the truth.

there’s a massive difference between someone like me who’s motorhome is my real home to people whos so call full timers yet pop home lol, but its middle and posh classes thinking its great, drive off for 6 months and saying they full time when they are not and don’t have a dam clue about what its like to really live in a van.

the state of this country means the poor like myself will never get a home so a van is the only option and noway wants to pay to park with other van owners, how boring is that.

Ask the full timers how they get their van insurance as you need an address but i don’t have an address, or use an address, no friends or family so how am i doing it??? loopholes, rule bending you name it i’m doing it to live this lifestyle which is 100% shit in the UK. Van life is great but not in the uk as its a backward country. Do something different than the clones of system and you become an outcast in seconds.

van life died for all the day covid came to the uk on holiday lol.

ps i park for weeks in one spot off grid and stand my ground and win 100% of the time, i know the fucking rules.

Another issue with people in vans their heads are so far rammed up their asses as they are living the dream they wouldn’t see issues if it was a foot in front of then, they make me laugh, thick as shit most of them, expect in agirance ruining it for locals and the likes of me.

Karen Thompson October 20, 2023 at 11:51 am

I can fully understand why residents would want to propose these restrictions. However, when the only designated spots (eg at the side of Fairhaven Lake, much further down towards Ansdell and the ones behind the leisure centre) cost £15 per night with no facilities you can see why Motorhomers would go for the free option. I think anything over £5 per night is over the top and maybe this option could be proposed? Motorhomers can be a valuable source of revenue for the town, we visit often and regularly shop and eat at restaurants.

Peter Hopwood October 20, 2023 at 1:34 pm

Bless you for lifting your head above the parapet, shame about the swearing though. We have a few friends who manage also to full time with the ‘van as their only home, But as we are both very nearly 80 it’s not an option especially in our 25 year old moho, but health permitting we do spend several months living off grid each year with the odd night in a pub car park thrown in.
Stay safe

Stuart Codling October 20, 2023 at 9:03 pm

Just a matter of time everywhere so enjoy the last of the freedom!! We’ve had nearly 7 good years but selling up soon as too many vans full stop now. Dad end really but you can’t halt progress !

Alan Ferris November 2, 2023 at 5:25 am

In regard to the proposed TRO (parking restrictions) in Lytham St Annes, it has to be said that the council are about to use a ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ and it’s totally unnecessary.

I completely understand why the residents of properties along the sea front don’t want lots of campervans & motorhomes spoiling their view, but banning them altogether (especially between 6pm and midnight) is going to rob local businesses of valuable income at the busiest time of the day. We regularly visit the shops on the main street in the town centre and explore the smaller ones on the side streets, but lately have noticed lots more have closed down. The ‘cost of living crisis’ is obviously causing severe hardship. Surely the last thing the business owners need is less customers!

I would ask all interested parties to bear in mind that the motorhome and camping community pay thousands of £££ to own and maintaiin their vehicles and wherever they go, they need fuel, servicing, food and supplies – so please don’t make us unwelcome. We have the means to pay for what we need, if the charges are reasonable and the facilities offered, match our needs.

We are well aware of recent improvements & availability of overnight parking for our vehicles near the sea front (in special marked out bays) and thank the Council for their efforts in doing so. We regularly use those at Salters Wharf. However, if the council & residents want to encourage others to move away from the main road (where they are parked under street lamps) they need to discuss the provision of lots more suitable spaces on all carparks (with basic lighting). We’re not asking for floodlights; just a couple of minimal lamps, either side of the bays, so we feel safe. Surely that’s not an unreasonable request? In a lot of areas, the lights are already there. They are just not turned on, at night

Our favourite is alway Salters Wharf (because it’s well lit and close to lots of amenities) but the 7 bays are soon taken, and every time we’ve been there overnight, the rest of the car park has been almost empty. So in my opinion, there’s no reason at all why more spaces couldn’t be provided (at very little cost to the Council) who would just need to increase the number of marked bays.

Just to clarify, I’m a member of two motorhome clubs and most of the people I know will not park up their expensive vehicles overnight in areas that are unlit, for fear of damage or nuisance.

We thank the council for providing the Sluice in the Toilet Block at the North Promenade car park. The signage and 20 minutes of free parking is very much appreciated. However there is no provision for disposal of grey waste, which could surely be emptied into the same sewer, from a single entry point near the toilet block that houses the Sluice.

In conclusion, to solve the problem of unwanted motorhome and campervans parking on the sea front – simply provide more overnight parking spaces on the coastal car parks (with minimal lighting) so that we all feel safe. And to encourage more people to use the spaces, keep the charges to a minimum!!!


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