Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX Overland Edition: “World’s most powerful overlanding pickup”

Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX Overland Edition

A US-based high-performance car manufacturer has introduced an overlanding upgrade to its Mammoth TRX pickup truck.

The Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX offers adventurers 1,012-horsepower of 4×4 go-anywhere performance combined with everything needed to be comfortable in the remote backwoods.

The tailored Hennessey Mammoth TRX Overland Edition includes a wide range of user-friendly equipment for truck-based living.

The modular system utilizes a robust TRX bed rack as its foundation, topped by a convenient hard-shell rooftop tent that takes mere minutes to set up.

A retractable 55-inch awning provides shade and shelter, while auxiliary fuel tanks and a pressurized water reservoir are also mounted on the rack to increase range and utility.

Other accessories include a 28-inch splitting axe, shovel, and LED perimeter illumination.

Grab handles, and a retractable ladder improve accessibility to the tent and equipment.

The new Overland Edition is available on the carmaker’s ‘Mammoth 900’ or ‘Mammoth 1000’ versions of the RAM TRX.

Professionally installed by Hennessey performance technicians, the comprehensive upgrade can be added to any Mammoth build for $19,950.

The Mammoth 1000 TRX is celebrated as the world’s fastest and most powerful truck.

This performance comes courtesy of its 6.2-liter supercharged ‘Hellcat’ V8 enhanced with Hennessey’s high-flow 2.65L supercharger, larger fuel injectors, and high-flow induction system alongside performance-boosting calibration modifications.

The upgrades result in a go-anywhere truck with 1,012 bhp @ 6,500 rpm and mountainous torque of 969 lb-ft @ 4,200 rpm.

John Hennessey, Mammoth founder and CEO: “Our new Mammoth 1000 TRX Overland Edition is the ultimate adventure-oriented vehicle as it adds off-the-grid capability to the world’s most powerful pickup.

“Thanks to the modular convenience of the system and its seamless integration, explorers may travel to remote areas and effortlessly set up camp without compromising performance or 4×4 capability.

“There’s nothing else like it.”

Measuring 228.9 inches (5.81 meters) long, 82.1 inches (2.09 meters) wide, and 77.6 inches (1.97 meters) high, the imposing Hennessey supertruck makes an enormous statement on- or off-road.

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