Family heartbroken following theft of motorhome

A family has spoken of their devastation after their motorhome was stolen during the early hours of October 4, the Bolton News reports.

Carol Borsay’s motorhome was stolen from outside her daughter’s house in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The motorhome had been a mainstay of the family’s holidays, with Carol, her daughter, Kimberley Borsay, and Kimberley’s children exploring the UK in it over the last few years.

Kimberley, aged 40, said: “It was around 12.40am that it was stolen from Brightmeadow Close, then down Garstang Avenue, which we have video of, and then onto Blenheim Road, where they removed the tracker.

“Then we have video of it on Long Lane – I have been out with the children after school, knocking on the doors of anyone with a camera.

“We just want to see if it went towards Little Lever or towards The Haulgh.

“There are so, so many motorhomes missing, and there has been quite a few in Bolton just recently. It is my mum’s, she has worked hard to get it.”

She added: “People say ‘your insurance will cover it, you will get your money back’, but that’s not the point.

“We have had so many firsts in that, my first time going to Scotland, it is the sentimental value.

“It is like somebody has stolen my home. I had only just gone to bed, it is like they were waiting so I wouldn’t know the wifi had gone off.

“It has shaken us all up, it is just a horrible feeling. You feel violated in a way.

“It is our holiday home, our half term plans are no more now, as we wanted to get to Wales for half term.

“Me and my mum, we have been so many places, I have seen more of the UK in the past 2-3 years than ever, we have been everywhere, Scotland, Wales, we were always in it.”

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The motorhome, a Chausson 718xlb is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis. Distinguishing features include a missing decal on the pillar next to the driver’s door, where repair work was done on it.

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