Emigrating family to give away Volkswagen T5 camper in ticketed prize draw competition

A family emigrating to Australia is hoping to give away their beloved Volkswagen T5 campervan to a lucky winner while raising money for charity.

Candice and Jon Kotze and their two daughters Ava and Chloe are moving to Australia in January and are hoping to make more than £18,000 through the crowdfunding campaign.

Tickets for the draw are £3 each or £10 for four entries and £50 for 25 entries.

Any money raised above the £18,000 will be donated to Spotlight UK, where Ava used to attend dance classes.

Candice said: “As a family of four we have loved every minute of owning our campervan.

“Our girls, aged seven and nine, have experienced more in their young years than most adults have.

“Travelling is something we have fallen in love with, and we know there are so many others out there who would give anything to experience van life.

“Having a campervan was not just great for travelling but also for days out or weekend breaks. It made outdoor life so much better than we ever imagined.”

The family, who are living temporarily in London with Candice’s sister before moving to Australia in January, is now hoping to make someone else’s dream come true through the prize draw as well as raise money for charity.

The family has always dreamed of living in Australia to be by the sea but enjoyed using their campervan in the interim while waiting for visas.

Candice said: “With the cost of living going through the roof at the moment, more and more people are breaking the mould of owning a house and a car and living in a perfect location; they are trading it all in for living in a van making different locations their home, every day.

“As the saying goes, ‘home is where the heart is’, so for more and more people family and time are becoming a priority.

“Our experience of van life has been incredible and if we can give someone the opportunity to experience it, then we will.”

With the goal of £18,000 a way off, the family is looking to extend the draw until after Christmas to give more people a chance to enter and hit the target.

If £18,000 is not raised, everyone who has entered will be given a refund.

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