Drivers urged not to ‘cut corners’ with part-worn tyres

Motorists are being urged not to compromise on tyre safety by fitting part-worn tyres.

An increasing number of drivers, in a perceived attempt to save money, are opting for part-worn tyres for their vehicles, instead of new, ATS Euromaster says.

With financial pressures brought about by the current cost of living crisis, the temptation to ‘buy cheap’ is intense for many vehicle owners, who are faced with a raft of spiralling household expenses this winter; exceptionally high energy costs, fuel costs and the highest rate of inflation for 40 years.

ATS Euromaster, while understanding why this may be tempting to some, stresses that this practice is not only false economy, but also potentially dangerous to the vehicle owner and other road users.

It warns that part-worn tyres are not as safe, with diminished tread reducing grip on the road – and are especially dangerous in wet or icy conditions.


The legal tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre for cars. The tread must meet this minimum depth across its entire circumference. Those caught with illegal or ‘bald’ tyres, could face a fine of £2500 per tyre, so potentially £10,000 if all four are not up to the legal standard. Penalty points are also applicable, with three points per illegal tyre on a driver’s licence, which could lead to disqualification.

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