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Auto Express recognition for Ring compact inflator

Ring’s RTC2000 cordless handheld rechargeable tyre inflator has received warm reviews in Auto Express for its compact versatility in the publication’s mini test feature.

The handheld tyre inflator ranked higher than competing hardware in the product review where the equipment was put through its paces for both bike and car tyre air refills.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “It’s great to see continued recognition in the press for the RTC2000, a crucial all-round piece of equipment for the winter months, which provides a quick and portable solution to reinflating tyres, as well as recharging devices.

“Going cordless has changed the way we live. Mobile phones, cordless vacuums and games controllers are just few examples of how technology has advanced to become wireless.

“Cordless tyre inflators are the car accessory that has become more and more popular.

“Consumers don’t want to be trailing wires between doors and then having to reset to do the other side of the car or reel out lots of cable for short top-ups.

“Instead, they want something that allows them to move easily around the car and do top ups quickly with the fuss of trailing cables,” Bisson adds.

The RTC2000 is ideal for cars, motorbikes, bikes and scooters, and in Auto Express’ test topped up a car tyre in less than three minutes.

The robustly designed tool can inflate a bike tyre from flat in less than two minutes and includes valve adaptors to suit both standard and Presta-type tyre valves.

The adaptable tyre inflator doubles up as a rechargeable power bank, providing the perfect all-round device for vehicles and bikes in the winter months, where batteries are prone to shortened power cycles due to the colder weather.

The RTC2000 is available at Amazon and ECP, with a SRP of £49.99.

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