Autoglym Ceramic Wash & Protect launched

Autoglym Ceramic Wash & Protect

Autoglym has launched ‘Ceramic Wash & Protect‘, an all-new, easy-to-use triple-action ceramic car shampoo that promises to deliver a deep clean, smooth high-gloss shine and durable water repellent layer of protection.

Ceramic Wash & Protect features high-quality surfactants that help to lift dirt and stubborn grime from paintwork and ‘capture’ it in the solution for easy rinsing.

The product also contains Autoglym’s new shampoo-specific ceramic (Si02) technology that creates a protective barrier far superior to that offered by conventional car-wash products.

By laying down a robust, hydrophobic finish, the new formulation also cuts the time and effort that is required to dry the car and ensures that the next clean can be completed more quickly and easily.

Marloes Rots, marketing manager at Autoglym said: “As well as being easy to use and cleaning well, this new generation of car shampoo also delivers a high-gloss finish and durable protection.

“We’re confident that Ceramic Wash & Protect represents an exciting new development in this fast-growing ceramic shampoo category, and we’re very proud of the results that our UK-based lab team have been able to achieve.”

Ceramic Wash & Protec is available now on the Autoglym shop on Amazon.

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