Webbnet Flyscreens

Webbnet Flyscreens

Campervan flyscreens and thermal screens.

Webbnet Flysreens hand-make fly and thermal screens to order for a wide range of vans with a lead time of four to five weeks.

Colour choice of black or silver grey pelmet with either black or slate (grey green) net.

The flyscreens are made with midge netting (also known as Noseeum mesh), a soft and finely woven nylon mesh constructed with a tight weave, irregular pattern with approximately 1200 holes per square inch.

The netting provides excellent protection from even the smallest of pests, and the midge.

It also gives an additional level of privacy, reduces draughts, diffuses wind penetration and provides a degree of sun shading when in place.

The flyscreens are easily fitted in less than 30 minutes, under the door seal rubber with no tools needed.

Webbnet Flyscreens range

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