Van Life couple “abandoned” by RAC

A couple have spoke of their campervan breakdown drama after they were left “abandoned” in Scotland, the Eastern Daily Press reports.

Chris Eve and his wife Claire, from Norwich, ran into problems with the RAC when their campervan suffered steering problems near Fort William on Wednesday, May 27.

They have since received a profuse apology ahead of finally getting their van back tomorrow.

Chris said: “We have unlimited tow on our RAC policy and called them out.

“What happened next was not what we were expecting – and we found ourselves stranded in Stirling outside a closed hire car branch with no way of getting anywhere.

“In short, we were abandoned.”

The couple reported their breakdown at 9.48am on May 27 and were told their approximate recovery time would be 2.54pm.

However, they later received a text to say a trusted partner would be recovering them – when that truck arrived, it loaded up the van, but the couple were told a hire car was being sent for them.

Later they were picked up and taken to a closed Enterprise Car Hire, the Stirling branch, where they were told they would pick up their car from.

When they finally got to Glasgow airport they were too tired to drive so had to book into a hotel for the night.

A spokesman from RAC said: “We’ve apologised to Mr and Mrs Eve for not recovering them with their campervan.

“We’re pleased to say that it’s being returned to them tomorrow (June 8).

“We’ve already reimbursed their taxi fee and will cover all their hotel and hire car costs.

“As valued, long-term members we’ll also agree a suitable gesture of goodwill to say sorry for not handling their breakdown as well as we normally do.”

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Dorothy June 9, 2023 at 9:14 am

I cancelled my membership but 3 days before the expiry date my car broke down on a busy highway in Birmingham at 10.45 pm. I telephoned the RAC and was told my membership had expired that it would cost £85 for recovery but they were unable to send a recovery van because they were unable to take card or cash payment because of covid.
I am female 82 years of age was alone.
I would not recommend the RAC to anyone.


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