Sunshine and showers for the weekend, Met Office reports

Low pressure will influence the UK’s weather once again this weekend, with a mixture of sunshine and showers for many.

Ahead of the weekend, Scotland will see some rain overnight into Thursday with slow-moving heavy showers following across western areas.

There is a chance that some thunderstorms will develop across the far south and southeast of England on Thursday, most likely in the morning.

However, the most active thunderstorms with a combination of heavy rain, large hail, frequent lightning and strong winds are more likely to fall over the sea and northern France.

Weekend weather

A mixture of sunshine and showers is likely through the weekend, with low-pressure driving much of the UK’s weather.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Steven Keates said: “While showers are never too far away through the weekend, there will still be drier spells around and where there are breaks in the cloud on Sunday in the south it should feel quite pleasant.

“Areas to the southeast will see fewer showers with more in the way of bright or sunny spells on Saturday and Sunday, though temperatures are likely to remain around average for the time of year.

“Areas further north and west will see more frequent showers, some of which will be heavy, and will at times extend south into central areas of England and Wales on Saturday and Sunday.

“Monday, which is a Bank Holiday for those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, will probably see band of showery rain clear from eastern England early in the day, with sunny spells and scattered showers following on for most places.

“There are no signals for significant heat in the current forecast period.”

An unsettled regime is likely to continue next week with a westerly airflow likely to continue the theme of showers and some longer spells of rain.

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