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Solar Green Tech

Solar Green Tech

Off-grid solar powered electric generators

Solar Green Tech is a safe and reliable source of outdoor power which conforms to UKCA and CE standards.

The Solar Green Tech generator Model SGT 1500 models are designed to work both indoor and outdoors, with IP65 all-weather rated in use.

The generator produces zero noise and zero emissions as its powered only by a 100Ah 1280Wh lithium ion battery with over 2000 deep cycles and a 240v 1500w continuous running with 3000w peak internal inverter, all cleverly recharged by a 120w solar panel.

This is what gives you 240v pure sine wave domestic AC electricity at the finger tips and is the perfect solution to your off grid needs.

The unit works quite simply by harnessing the UV light from the sun via the solar panel then fed into the units 12v internal battery.

That battery power is then converted using clever inverter technology in to 240v pure sine wave equivalent to domestic supply.

As long as the solar panel is facing in the general direction of the sun, it will always be charging through the day.

The more sun the solar panel is exposed to, the quicker the generator will charge.

The solar panel will still charge on a cloudy day, but at a slower rate.

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