Miss Jules Melts

Miss Jules Melts

Wax melt crafts

All products are made with vegan and eco-friendly ingredients and are packaged in biodegradable packaging.

The melts are hand-poured in small quantities with locally-sourced ingredients.

Miss Jules Melts product range

Miss Jules Melts & Crafts was created in January 2021 by myself Julie Marie Wharton with the full support of my husband Andrew Wharton. You may have come across my superstar salesman if you have seen us at any of our markets or craft fairs.

I am so incredibly overwhelmed by the amazing responses and feedback that I get from my customers everyday.

I started making my first melts with a small bag of wax and a tiny bottle of fragrance oil on my kitchen hob. I then moved my little factory to my utility room but this quickly became too small. In June 2021 I moved into my first commercial workshop. I In less than a year my little business outgrew the space. I took the leap in April 2022 and took on a larger workshop and became full time in my business giving up my Beauty career of 10 years.

Julie Marie Wharton

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