Forecourts refusing to pass on 5p fuel duty cut, RAC claims

Diesel drivers are being overcharged by 5p a litre despite diesel coming down by almost 7p to 154.40p, data from RAC Fuel Watch shows.

The RAC says savings from lower wholesale costs not being passed on by retailers to drivers at the pumps.

This news comes as drivers are still supposed to be benefitting from a5p-a-litre duty cut implemented in March 2022.

Instead, the figures show it’s major retailers which are gaining from it.

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RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “While the price of fuel fell in November, the truth is there is no reason whatsoever for drivers to be jubilant as the data clearly shows they are continuing to get a rough deal at the pumps, unless they live in Northern Ireland.

“Wholesale fuel costs have been falling for months, so they should be paying around 137p for petrol, instead of a whopping 147p. Diesel is also overpriced at 154.40p when it should be on sale for under 150p.

“This is extremely worrying as the biggest retailers don’t seem to have heeded the warnings levelled at them by Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho at the end of October saying she wouldn’t hesitate to call out those that rip off the public.”

The RAC estimates drivers have lost out to the tune of £184m over the last two months as a result not passing on the 5p duty cut.

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The fuel finder feature in the free myRAC app shows independently run forecourt Grindley Brook in Whitchurch, Shropshire, is only charging 143.9p for diesel, 10.5p lower than the UK average.

By comparison the average price of diesel at the big four supermarkets is 151.48p.

RAC Fuel Watch data shows that the wholesale price of petrol dropped by 9p a litre in November and diesel by 7p on the back of oil averaging $84 across the month and the pound gaining ground on the dollar closing November at $1.26, up from $1.21 at the start.

A litre of diesel currently costs retailers just 117p.

Drivers wanting to save as much as they can on the forecourt should download the free myRAC app from the App Store or Google Play and start using its fuel finder feature as it can save up to 6p a litre.

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