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Cybertruck camper conversion developed by startup

California start-up, Space Campers has developed a customisable pop-top roof for Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Space Campers’ robust build uses aerospace-grade composites and manufacturing processes to put strength, precision, and durability first.

The modification seamlessly integrates with the Cybertruck for full access to the truck bed, minimal drag, and a sleek appearance.

Its electrical outlets, dimmable lights, induction cooktop, portable cooler, and water heater, among other accessories, are all compatible with Tesla’s industry-leading battery pack for weeks of auxiliary camping power.

The Murphy-Style bed is big enough for two and tucks out of the way for ample standing room with detachable hinges to become an exterior table.

Bed extensions quickly transform into benches or work surfaces, and its built-in awning protects from the elements while putting the beauty of open spaces front and center.

With a flip of a switch, air-powered actuators use the Cybertruck’s onboard compressor to open or retract the camper with ease.

A Space Campers spokesperson said: “Space Campers was designed for the long haul with quality materials and functional features.

“Its modular build opens the door for limitless personalizations with plug-and-play accessory kits that can be installed at any point down the road with basic household tools.

“As an investment in the Cybertruck, replacement parts will also be available online for straightforward repairs.”

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