Bailey of Bristol signs up to Woodland Trust Woodland Carbon scheme

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Bailey of Bristol has signed up to the Woodland Trust Woodland Carbon scheme (WCS) to help reduce the carbon footprint of its operations by locking up carbon emissions through the planting of trees.

In total Bailey has donated £12,650 to The Woodland Trust to plant 2,100 native trees, in the UK.

These trees have the potential to absorb in excess of 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) throughout their lifetime.

This level of CO2 equates to the Company’s total annual volume of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Woodland Trust is the country’s largest woodland conservation charity with five decades of experience in protecting, restoring and creating UK woodland.

In order to assist with the funding of their work they have established their own Woodland Carbon scheme to enable companies and individuals in the UK to capture greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by helping it to create new native woodland in the UK, which in time will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Every year The Woodland Trust plant millions of trees across the UK, on their own estate and other private land, selecting the most appropriate species at the correct densities in the areas where they will make the most significant impact to deliver the best possible outcomes for both climate and biodiversity.

As a result, they are able to help businesses go above and beyond the usual climate commitments, taking into account whole ecosystems, landscapes and catchments for the long term, locking up carbon and creating habitats for wildlife.

Bailey of Bristol managing director, Nick Howard said “We are delighted to be supporting the fantastic work of the Woodland Trust with this donation.

“We know that many of our caravan and motorhome owners enjoy visiting the Woodland Trust estates when they are away with their vehicles, and it is important that we do everything we can as a business to help preserve these natural habitats

“Bailey will continue donating to the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme annually as part of the positive action we want to take to help safeguard the environment for the future.”

“There is however plenty more to be done to ensure we achieve our sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

“So, we will be looking at the implementation of further new environmental initiatives in the near future.”

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