Snow warnings for North Wales, South Pennines, Peak District, Mid Wales and Midlands

The Met Office has issued two Amber warnings for snow highlighting the risks of wintry hazards.

The two warnings cover North Wales from 8am until 3pm on Thursday and the South Pennines and Peak District from 12noon until 6pm on Thursday.

Outside of these Amber warnings there are Yellow warnings on Thursday for potentially disruptive snow extending from mid-Wales and the Midlands north.

A warning for snow has also been issued for Northern Ireland, though disruption here is expected to be more localised.

Jason Kelly is a Met Office Chief Meteorologist. He said: “Cold across most areas away from the south the UK, will be met by moisture-laden air spreading from the south.

“Where milder air encounters cold air, rain, sleet and snow will develop, bringing the risk of 2-5cm of snow in places, whilst some other areas see little or no snow.

“Over higher ground 5-10cm is likely, while locations above 200m within the Amber warning areas could see up to 25cm of snowfall. Snow here could drift in strong to gale force easterly winds.

“As the milder air from the south gradually pushes northwards the focus for wintry hazards also shifts northward with warnings issued for Scotland.”

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